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A car is an investment and we expect something on the pricier side to last and look good for a long time. Over time, however, both exteriors and interiors of a car need to be maintained due to wear and tear or customized to whatever needs you have at the moment or what you want your car to look like since it has been years. Yes, some car designs are timeless and will not need constant customization but, being under the sun, rain, or even snow, your car’s exterior could be beat up- evidenced by fading, paint bubbling or peeling. Since you take your car with you wherever you go, we know you want to get the job done as soon as possible and leave your car in great hands. When it comes to exterior detailing, you need to look for a great company you can trust and who can get the job done professionally, safely and affordably, and have your car looking brand new. Look no further! Here at Car Detailing, Pompano Beach FL, we make sure whatever issue you have is solved. Do not hesitate to call us and also, you are free to consult about our other services such as mobile car wash, RV detailing, and truck detailing.


About Our Services

Car Detailing, Pompano Beach is a company that can provide you great quality service at a reasonable price. You will not have to worry about shelling out thousands of dollars for an exterior fix for minor problems or overall exterior customization. We will communicate with you to find out what you really need and compromise and adjust according to your budget. Even though our prices may be affordable, we can assure you that the quality of our service will not be undermined. We always put our customer’s satisfaction first and we do not leave you underwhelmed. We always seek to exceed your expectations. With transparent testimonials and great reviews from past customers, we can assure you that we do our best with whatever service you call us for, be it minor or major exterior detailing. We have a competitive and professional field team who have undergone years of training and experience who will cater to your car detailing needs. We are confident that our technicians will be able to get whatever job done due to these years of training and experience. Not only are our field team great, we also have really responsive office based and customer service staff to answer queries, give quotations and inform you of the various services we have that you might want to avail as well to get the job started as soon as possible. You can definitely expect professional service from the moment you contact us to the moment our team comes to service your car.

We are a family owned and managed company, so you can be confident regarding communication and quotes since we talk to you directly. We can give you quotes for the service you need immediately to help you ease into a decision while you are canvassing for service providers. Our team has been in the business for over 10 years already. Throughout the years, our team has worked with various jobs, custom jobs, various people with various budgets and we are able to breeze through the service without any fuss. Once you give us a call, you can sit back, relax, and let our team do the job. We can assure you there will be no damage to your car and we will leave your car looking brand new. Our goal is to make your car look as new as when you first got it. Consider checking also our affordable and high quality services like boat detailing, car interior cleaning, and headlight restoration.

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EMS Airmen restore F-86 Sabre

Some of our services include:

Bumper repair so you can repair your bumper instead of completely replacing it- a process that can cost a lot of money. This is the way to go especially if what happened was unexpected and you currently do not have a budget allocated for car repairs. We also offer auto body repair, detailing, dent removal, interior repair, windshield replacement and other services under the convenience of contacting one company. We are also able to work with various insurance companies if you prefer or need to do that.

Our tools and techniques are top quality and state of the art to cater to the more modern cars. Our method always starts with stripping the car of possible contaminants. We use special chemicals to disinfect and strip the car of grease, dust, and mold even, without damaging the paint and surface of the car. We also use a so called “clay bar method” which can remove paint overs, pollutants and other particles besides the original car paint to ensure we are working with a blank canvas. We then correct whatever damage there is to your car: scratches, dents and paint issues using high speed polishing methods and materials and then a glaze to seal and add an intense shine. The last step of the process is the addition of sealer wax to leave your car looking good as new.

A few advantages of car detailing include:

  1.   Boost in morale, making you feel good about yourself and about what you can do at the start of the day
  2.   Boost in efficiency, especially for interior detailing. Having a brand new looking car will make you feel like you have to keep your car tidy. This then means less digging around for stuff you need.
  3.   Better impression. With a great looking car, people will know that you take care of your possessions and you will appear a lot more professional. Be it trying to impress a date, your boss, or your significant other’s family, you will surely have a great first impression.

With all these being mentioned, you might want to check up on your car- see if it has no damage, if you are still happy with it or if it still suites your needs. If one of your answers to these questions is a no, it might be time to contact us. Give us a call and we will be happy to be of service to you. Watch your car transform before your very eyes. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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"Affordable price and great services. Cool staff. Good work for the team. Keep up the good work."
Jane T. (Pompano Beach, FL)
"Just what I was looking for. Absolutely wonderful! I couldn't have asked for more than this. Terrific!"
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