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Imagine this: you’re cruising the coast of Pompano Beach, maybe stopping by to enjoy the beaches at different docking areas of the city. With the pier reaching out towards the Atlantic Ocean, you have plenty of water to bring your boat to. You’re enjoying the sun and the steady hum of your boat’s engine as you cruise. You are getting your much deserved time-out. But here’s an important question: is your boat getting it’s much deserved TLC too? 

This thought might have crossed your mind–otherwise, you might have just accidentally stumbled across this page. Either way–welcome, friend!

We are a Boat Detailing company. We, the Mobile Car Detailing Pompano Beach FL make sure that your boat gets its much-deserved pampering too. 

With all the tranquility and sunny day trips (or night trips) that it has offered you, it’s about time that you spoil her a bit now too. Call us today and feel free to consult about our other services such as truck detailing  and RV detailing.


About Our Services

About Us

We have been in the business of offering boat detailing services for about 5 years now. Yes, that might mean that our company is fairly new at the game, but you can trust us to bring professionalism and thorough quality services to the table. We are not just meticulous too. We prioritize your satisfaction more than anything.

Our operations are in Pompano Beach in FL. What started out as a small business idea has now flourished into a full suite of services meant to satisfy you and your travelling and cruising companion. 

Whatever it is that you need serviced, be it the exterior of your boat or the interior of it, we will make sure that you get the most bang out of your buck. We will clean and polish every corner of your boat. 

We know just how much you value your boat, and we will give it just as much TLC as she deserves. 

Ready to give your boat the pampering she deserves? Give us a call today to find out about our service. Consider checking also our affordable and high quality services like mobile car wash and headlight restoration.

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Our Services

Even though we have not been in the boat detailing business for very long, we still have the training and the equipment that can compete with just about any veteran in the field. We bring innovation and a fresh perspective into the table. Our services have been well thought through and the tools and means to bring delivery these services to you have been carefully curated. 

Your happiness and your boat’s overall well-being is at the core of what we do. Take a look at some of the services that we offer below.

  • Interior Boat Detailing

We take pride in how thorough we perform our job. If you want us to scrub the whole interior of your boat, we will be able to do so in a way that is satisfactory to both you and our standards of service. From eliminating odor that may have accumulated through time, to removing stains in your interior, we have the means to accomplish these things. If pests in your boat (think rats or termites) bother you too, we will also make sure that those will be eliminated and off-loaded from your boat. 

We cover all areas in your getaway vehicle. From carpet, to windows, to counter tops, and even your shower heads, we leave no space unturned and uncleaned. From the most mundane task of bringing out your trash all the way to the more difficult task of removing grime from your stove and oven, we are the people you can call on for help. 

So whether you just survived a really awesome party in your boat, or simply want to give her a nice good cleaning, we are here to offer our services. 

  • Exterior Boat Detailing 

Of course, you want to flaunt your boat too. Naturally, one of the things that you want to make sure of is that her chrome is in the best possible shape. You want her to shine like the joy that she is. But, too much exposure to the sun and the salty water of Pompano Beach may have dulled her sparkle a bit. But not to worry. We offer a two-step service that can get her shiny and looking like new in no time. 

First, we make sure that she is thoroughly washed. You can say goodbye to any build up of dirt, or moss, or engine oil streaks in her exterior with our expert cleaning hands. Anything that gets in the way of being spick and span, we’ll make sure to remove those for you. And that’s not all. We believe that cleaning your boat does not need materials that can potentially harm the very beach that you enjoy cruising on. We love Pompano Beach just as much as you do, so we protect its healthy by investing in environmentally friendly products. 

The next step is for us to apply wax all over the exterior of your boat. This is what will bring back the shine to your pride and joy–your boat. This makes sure that your paint is protected from external factors. We do this in sections to make sure that every inch of your boat is glistening and shiny in no time. 

Again, our wax is friendly to the environment. We strive to keep Pompano Beach and its inhabitants both underwater and above it safe.

Of course, you can still purchase these services separately. After all, you should only be waxing your boat about three times each year. 

The right maintenance and proper care will keep your boat running and happy for many years. So, make sure to invest in a thorough and proper cleaning for it every once in a while. 

General services we offer:

Exterior washing, exterior cleaning, carpet cleaning, stainless steel polishing, and so much more!

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help you keep your boat in tiptop shape. 

Business Hours

We are open weekly. Just let us know your location in Pompano Beach and we will be happy to visit you for a quotation. Looking forward to seeing you and your boat soon! Call us today.

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